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About Page Authority Checker

How this tool works:

  1. Page authority allows figuring out the predictive ranking strength of a single web page rather than the whole domain.Simply enter the page URL that you wish to analyze.
  2. Our Page Authority tools checker will give you the individual Page Authority.
  3. Retrieve up to 20 URLs from the first results page.
  4. Finally, the simple Status section will let you know if there are any issues with the Page Authority.

Features of this Website:

  1. This is completely free to use. We take payment only if you want to fix your problems by our team.
  2. We always develop our tools so that it shows you the best possible result.
  3. You can also subscribe for the monthly report for free. It will send you to report every month automatically.
  4. You can subscribe a paid package for 500 USD per year. Our team will maintain your website in best possible way.
  5. You can advertise your business and website for free.

Learn more about Domain Authority Checker below:

Page authority is a term that was first introduced by MOZ which is in fact the estimated ranking capacity of a web page. The difference between page authority and domain authority is that, Domain Authority gives you the score for your whole domain while page authority will only give you the score for your web page. For improving page authority, you need to check weather page is fully SEO optimized and functional or not,content of a given page should highly relevant, detailed, plagiarism free,gaining as many high-quality incoming links and should remove bad links if exist.

This tool is extremely easy to use, the only thing you have to do is to provide the URL of the page you to inspect for its authority and let the tool do its work. Within a second you will get the results of page authority. All these services are totally free. This is brought to you by Webomania Solutions Pvt. Ltd., SEO Company in India.

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