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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

How this tool works:

  1. Enter crawl delay, site map and restricted directories you can generate Robots.txt file.
  2. To upload a currently existing file and pre-occupy the generator tool, type or copy &paste the text in the root domain’s URL and select ‘Upload’.
  3. You can use the “Allowed” and “Refused” functions to modify the generated Robots.txt file. Please note that the tool defaults to ‘Allowed’.
  4. Then to apply a new directive to your list, you can click ‘Add Directive’ and to exclude or edit an current directive, select ‘Remove Directive’, then create a new one using the ‘Add Directive’ function.

Features of this Website:

  1. This is completely free to use. We take payment only if you want to fix your problems by our team.
  2. We always develop our tools so that it shows you the best possible result.
  3. You can also subscribe for the monthly report for free. It will send you to report every month automatically.
  4. You can subscribe a paid package for 500 USD per year. Our team will maintain your website in best possible way.
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Learn more about Robots.txt Generator below:

The Robots.txt files are opposite to website’s site map, which usually indicates crawlers the pages to be included. When the crawlers of search engines start to crawl a website, they usually start by detecting a robots.txt file at the root domain level. On identification, the crawler reads the file’s directives to recognize directories and files that may have been blocked. These blocked files can be created with the robots.txt generator.

You can use this on-page optimization tools to generate Robots.txt file.This online robots.txt generator is brought to you by Webomania Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This tool is completely free. You can use this to create a robots.txt file for your website. You can use the “allowed” or “Refused’ options though here the option is set to default “Allowed”. After that, just copy/paste the txt in your website.

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